With a wealth of team-building experience at the top end of the corporate ladder, Huang Rui shares her insights about how in-house counsel can develop abilities, and the value of their existence.

Richard Li reports

Huang Rui is a friendly and approachable woman, a refined and cultured mother. It’s a little hard to equate this image with one who has dominated in a legal bastion lorded over by men, and not just for a short period. She is a senior professional elite with more than 20 years of experience, and has long engaged in legal work for large central government-controlled enterprises.

Huang has been involved in blustery closed-door negotiations on key state projects – such as the bringing in of high-speed rail multiple unit technologies – with foreign parties over many months without taking even half a step out of the hotel.

In 2005, she decided to step down as general counsel of China General Consulting & Investment over health concerns, but she has not stepped away from the legal world that she loves, and continues to do some related work independently.

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