RHC GC returns to Religare


Sunayna Bhatia, the former general counsel of troubled RHC Holding, has returned to work at financial services company Religare Enterprises (REL) to support its change in shareholding and management.

Sunayna Bhatia
Sunayna Bhatia

The owners of RHC, brothers Malvinder Mohan Singh and Shivinder Mohan Singh, stepped down from REL’s board in November 2017, citing REL’s declining business performance.

“[REL] is in a transitional phase with a change in shareholding and management, and offers a unique opportunity of dealing with complex areas of law, which are very challenging as a lawyer,” said Bhatia, who has left RHC and returned to REL as senior vice president of its legal department.

“Upon [REL] ceasing to be held by RHC, the company required a senior in-house counsel who would contribute meaningfully to the transition and streamline processes.” Bhatia said her previous work with REL meant she was familiar with its culture, history and the people who worked there.

Bhatia started her in-house counsel career at REL in September 2007. She served as vice president and general counsel at REL subsidiary Religare Global Asset Management for a year before joining RHC in July 2016.

Bhatia will work on corporate and litigation matters involving the group holding company and its subsidiaries. “Apart from helping them resolve legal issues, my focus will be on controlling legal costs and plugging leakages wherever possible,” she said.

“At RHC, the magnitude of litigation was quite high, with nearly no corporate or transactional legal work in the offing. [REL] offers a mix of corporate and litigation work that allows me to use my knowledge and experience more effectively.”