Role of sub-broker category discontinued


The Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) issued a circular on 3 August which provides that the sub-broker category (under the SEBI regulations governing stockbrokers and sub-brokers) is discontinued as an intermediary to be registered with SEBI. Some highlights of the circular are:

  • No fresh registration will be granted to any person as a sub-broker and any pending applications for registration as sub-brokers will be returned to the relevant stock exchanges for onward transmission to the applicant;
  • Sub-brokers currently registered with SEBI will have until 31 March 2019 to migrate to act as an authorized person (AP) and/or a trading member (TM). The sub-brokers who choose not to migrate to become an AP and/or a TM will be deemed to have surrendered their registration with SEBI as sub-broker with effect from 31 March 2019;
  • Upon migration/surrender, SEBI’s grant of the registration certificate to sub-brokers will stand withdrawn.

The circular also provides for the mechanism through which sub-brokers may migrate to the AP/TM regime.

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