Ship’s captain to head ILO maritime practice

Pankaj kapoor ILO maritime
Pankaj Kapoor

India Law Offices (ILO) has hired Pankaj Kapoor as a senior partner to head the firm’s maritime law practice from Mumbai.

Kapoor is a registered advocate with more than two decades of experience in matters related to charter parties, salvage, demurrage claim, marine insurance, ship arrests and the Maritime Labour Convention. Prior to his legal career, Kapoor was a ship’s captain.

“This role not only throws up newer challenges, but also expands my horizons,” he said of his new position. “I envisage a larger role for myself in the field of maritime law, which is still a very exclusive legal practice in India as well as abroad.”

The economy is in troubled waters, and Kapoor said shipping, too, had taken a hit, but the industry had continued to operate throughout the pandemic. “Basic human needs and the demand for crude oil and petroleum products never stopped during coronavirus,” he said. “This was possible only because of the constant movement of ships worldwide.”

Kapoor was a member of the National Maritime Policy drafting committee for NITI Aayog (National Institution for Transforming India, planning commission), which covered issues such as wind farming, the blue economy and national shipping.

He is also a member of the government think tank, Research and Information System for Developing Countries, is a faculty member on logistics management at the NMIMS University’s management school, and teaches maritime law at the Narottam Morarji Institute of Shipping.