SREI senior vice president ‘returns home’


The legal senior vice president of SREI Infrastructure Finance has returned to P&A Law Offices in a move he calls a homecoming.

Ketan MukhijaPartnerP&A Law Offices
Ketan Mukhija
P&A Law Offices

Ketan Mukhija has joined P&A Law Offices as a partner in its Delhi office from SREI where he worked as senior vice president of legal, corporate strategy and planning from 2015.

“I started my career with P&A Law Offices,” Mukhija told India Business Law Journal. “So, this is more of a homecoming for me. I’m familiar with the faces here and the culture, and working with [managing partner Anand] Pathak has always been an enriching experience.”

Mukhija will continue to work with SREI on behalf of P&A Law Offices. “SREI is a large conglomerate with more than US$15 billion of assets under management. We are doing some matters with them and will continue to be available for any advice and support that the group requires. Given our cordial relations with the group’s promoters, it will be a pleasure and privilege to remain associated with them in a manner that is both lasting and mutually benefiting,” said Mukhija.

Mukhija said his goal would be to expand the corporate practice of the firm with a focus on project finance, banking and financial services, power, energy and infrastructure work.

“While with SREI Group, I got an opportunity to learn a lot, especially when it comes to the commercial and financial impacts of business transactions. Another advantage was that the group had a presence across [several] sectors and domains, primarily hinging on infrastructure and more than a hundred companies under its fold,” he said of his experience with SREI.

He added that working in Delhi will bring him closer to his hometown of Agra than SREI’s Kolkata office.

P&A Law Offices now has five partners across its Delhi, Mumbai and Bengaluru offices.