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Chinese legal pioneers

A tribute to Chinese legal pioneers in common law jurisdictions

Singapore convention on mediation

Cross-border settlement can be directly enforced in the courts of signatories

Wigs and robes

The practices concerning court dress in common law jurisdictions and China

Transactional lawyering

Law schools and law firms have increasingly focused on transactional lawyers

BRI and China’s International Commercial Courts

Some comparisons can be made between the old silk road and modern Belt and Road Initiative

Commissions of inquiry

The role and powers of commissions of inquiry

Corporate Counsel

The past thirty years or so has seen a trend towards an increase in the size and sophistication of legal departments within large companies.

Judicial mediation

Judicial mediation in civil law and common law jurisdictions

Document destruction

When can lawyers or their clients destroy documents that relate to judicial proceedings

Binding or persuasive?

By Andrew Godwin



How Colgate defended its brand

By Pravin Anand and Achuthan Sreekumar, Anand and Anand

French and Chinese trademark laws: A comparison

By Huang Hui and Paul Ranjard, Wanhuida Intellectual Property

Overseas project applications by Chinese enterprises (Part 1)

By Selena She and Kenneth Kong, Llinks Law Offices
provident funds

Advice on tax, insurance and provident funds during COVID-19

By Jeffrey Quan and Wu Zhenyu, ETR Law Firm



Out of harmony

More disputes on the cards for music labels, broadcasters?


Malaysia’s top 100 lawyers 2020

Asia Business Law Journal reveals Malaysia’s best private practice lawyers


India unplugged

How do internet shutdowns aimed at curbing dissent affect the digital economy?

Foreign Investment

Dollars in the details?

Analysing China's new Foreign Investment Law


Flight of the black swan

A dark year ahead for China legal, but there are positives

senior executives

C-suite sanction

Preparing your executives for doing time in Asia