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Ensuring fair distribution under waterfall mechanism

By Aditya Vikram Dua and Satish Anand Sharma, SNG & Partners

Effectiveness of arbitration in financing document disputes

By Nishtha Arora and Sounak Chakraborty, SNG & Partners

Real estate lenders should explore debt for asset swaps

By Amit Ronald Charan and Kanika Malhotra, SNG & Partners

Digital financial services: Challenges for regulation

By Amit Aggarwal and Rahul Sud, SNG & Partners

Letter of comfort: How does it differ from a guarantee?

By Vikramaditya Kapoor and Tania Khullar, SNG & Partners



Innovative play in the sandbox

Insurance regulators need to adopt a flexible approach to startups


Grand design

What legal services will Greater Bay Area require?

law firm awards

Indonesia Law Firm Awards 2019

Asia Business Law Journal names the top firms in indonesia for 2019


HK protest protection

What employers need to cover during the city’s prolonged period of protests and unrest

Under attack

In-house counsel snaps back at US IP report's rebuke of India

An Asian mosaic

Women lawyers' quest for inclusive profession