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Deals of the Year 2018

CBLJ selects outstanding china-related deals and cases in 2018, applauding remarkable legal efforts

Deals of the Year 2017

The best deals in the region and the legal luminaries who guided them

Deals of the Year 2017

IBLJ recognizes the top deals of 2017 and the law firms behind them

Discordant voices

Dissenting judges put the spotlight on the less-than-transparent conventions of the courts

Deals of the Year 2017

Legal efforts in outstanding deals and cases

Deals of the Year 2016

Celebrating Asia's top transactions and the law firms that made them happen

Deals of the year 2016

IBLJ celebrates the top deals, projects and disputes of 2016, and reveals which law firms made them happen

Deals of the Year 2016

The very best deals showcasing Chinese economic activities in a global market

Deals of the year 2015

Gems with the most sparkle in 2015



Fair prey

Regulators will step up their regulation of monopolistic behaviour

india advertising laws

Running in circles

New advertising laws: A move away from self-regulation

Grounded Jet Airways


Why did Jet Airways' creditors stall on initiating bankruptcy proceedings?