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Building electric public transport infrastructure

By Akshay Malhotra and Esha Nair, HSA Advocates

Smart cities mission risks ushering in Orwellian future

By Rachika A Sahay and Aakash Sharma, HSA Advocates

Maharashtra’s industrial policy: Missed opportunity?

By Anjan Dasgupta and Roochi Loona, HSA Advocates

Lenders face a choice between debtor, guarantor

By Ramya Hariharan and Asmita Rakhecha, HSA Advocates


Legal technology

Connecting the dots

How legaltech can help in-house counsel

The Philippines’ top 100 lawyers 2019

Asia Business Law Journal reveals the Philippines’ top 100 lawyers

modi government

Wish list

What lawyers want from the new government


Treading carefully

Cautious steps towards carefully legal reform in Taiwan

law firms

Leaders of the pack

Which are the top foreign firms for India-related work?


Fair prey

Regulators will step up their regulation of monopolistic behaviour