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Overview of provisions protecting children’s information

By Tao Shan and He Wei, Hylands Law Firm

Legal risks in Daihuo

By Yu Rong and Tao Shan, Hylands Law Firm

Designing an effective VAM clause

By Zhu Zhitong and Zhang Yang, Hylands Law Firm

When celebrities endorse, are they ad publishers?

By Yu Rong and Hou Shuai, Hylands Law Firm

Grand design

What legal services will Greater Bay Area require?

Streaming regulation and the iQIYI v YYHD case

By Li Wenting and Zhu Zhitong, Hylands Law Firm

Bay watch

How will China's greater bay project work for lawyers?

Legal concerns in the acquisition of AVSP

By Tao Shan and He Wei, Hylands Law Firm

Telescope’s copyright image a storm in a black hole?

By Shi Hanzi and Liang Qianqian, Hylands Law Firm

Protection of IP rights in variety programmes

By Liu Yingzi and Yu Rong, Hylands Law Firm

Focus on recordal policy for key online films and dramas

By Tao Shan and Zhu Zhitong, Hylands Law Firm

Focal points in shared talent contracts

By Tao Shan and Zhu Zhitong, Hylands Law Firm

Taxation investigation not to be ignored by film and TV studios

By Tao Shan and Zhu Zhitong, Hylands Law Firm

Passing on of family control

By Yun Dahui, Hylands Law Firm


asset security

Revised measures give clarity to movable asset security

By Wu Jiejiang, Jingtian & Gongcheng

Protecting investors in limited partnership PE funds

By Lai Jihong and Yan Juntao, Zhong Lun Law Firm

Taiwan’s Top 100 Lawyers

Asia Business Law Journal reveals the top 100 lawyers practising in Taiwan



Pecking order

State governments and the order of priority for claiming a corporate debtor's assets


A secret war

New legal regimes mean an increase in trade secret litigation in China and US


The Philippines Law Firm Awards

Asia Business Law Journal names the top firms in the Philippines for 2019

The winners are…

Results of our inaugural awards for outstanding in-house counsel


Jump start

Malaysian law firms highlight major legislative developments needed to jumpstart the economy


Juggling act

How the interests of businesses and the government shaped the personal data protection bill