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Indian Law Firm Awards, 2020

In this difficult and dynamic environment, India Business Law Journal’s editorial team was once again tasked with selecting the winners of the Indian Law Firm Awards

Indian Law Firm Awards

India Business Law Journal names the outstanding law firms of 2017-18

Indian Law Firm Awards 2016

The outstanding law firms of 2016

Indian Law Firm Awards 2015

A celebration of excellence in India's legal profession

Indian Law Firm Awards 2014

A celebration of excellence in India’s legal profession

Indian Law Firm Awards 2012

India Business Law Journal turned to in-house counsel and other legal professionals from India and around the world to identify the top law firms of 2012

Indian Law Firm Awards 2011

IBLJ celebrates a glittering year of achievements and the outstanding Indian law firms that made them possible

Indian Law Firm Awards 2008

India Business Law Journal reveals the country's top law firms


Wisdom in management

Six GCs from different industries shared their insights with us on team management, and gave their take on the impact of the pandemic on their work

Shining a light on unsafe practices

Inadequate enforcement of Indian standards has encouraged spurious manufacturers to put unsafe products on the market


Pandemics unforeseen

How will the courts respond to an anticipated deluge of disputes relating to frustration of contracts in a post-COVID-19 world?


Privacy, cybersecurity challenges amid COVID-19

Governments adopting trace-and-track apps to prevent the spread of the pandemic have raised questions about the ‘right balance’ between pandemic response and privacy considerations

woman lawyers

Power & parity

Senior women lawyers across Asia share personal stories of successes and struggles for a more inclusive legal profession

Home and safe?

Are companies facing higher cybersecurity risks with most employees working from home?