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Potential for foreign TM protection in India

By Tusha Malhotra and Rashi Punia, Anand and Anand

Overcoming trademark refusal in China

By Nick Ji, Corner Stone & Partners

Parallel imports and brand protection strategy

By Li Jiaming, Dentons

The gameplan

China deploys reforms to buoy its economy

Patents of addition lack examination procedures

By Preeti Sharma, LexOrbis

Growing role of declaration of non-infringement

By DPS Parmar, LexOrbis

New guides

By Huang Hui and Paul Ranjard, Wanhuida Intellectual Property

Ensuring technology transfer between industry, academia

By Pradeep Kumar Kamal and Pankaj Musyuni, LexOrbis

Commercializing patents: Methods and challenges

By DPS Parmar, LexOrbis

Under attack

In-house counsel snaps back at US IP report's rebuke of India

Food safety and standards regulation

By Navarre Ebenezer Roy, Anand and Anand

Bay watch

How will China's greater bay project work for lawyers?

Looking back, moving forward: traditional knowledge & IP Code

By Mila Federis, Federis & Associates

Focus on fourth amendment of China’s Trademark Law

By Brenda Zhao, Corner Stone & Partners

A comparison in patent law

Some of Asia’s major jurisdictions are witnessing key developments in patent law



The management of accounts receivable

By Li Weiming, Tiantai Law Firm

CBLJ Forum comes to Shanghai

China Business Law Journal will be hosting CBLJ Forum on 12 November 2019


Potential for foreign TM protection in India

By Tusha Malhotra and Rashi Punia, Anand and Anand



Outbound hard ground

Geopolitical risks impact Chinese investment


Innovative play in the sandbox

Insurance regulators need to adopt a flexible approach to startups

law firms

State of play

Lawyers beset by challenges on many fronts

women lawyers

More than half the sky

Senior women lawyers share personal stories of challenges and success


Framing a future

Succession planning at India's iconic law firms


Dial M for merger

Competition law: Assessing global TMT mergers