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Fair prey

Regulators will step up their regulation of monopolistic behaviour


Shanghai's tech exchange board to rival NASDAQ

Against the flow

Domestic and foreign law firms strive to develop in China

Levelling up

It’s a critical moment for China to further open up

Implementation of trademark strategies in China

By Frank Liu, Jincheng Tongda & Neal

TM protection all about strategy

By Frank Liu, Jincheng Tongda & Neal

Legal implications of TM reputation on brand protection in China

By Frank Liu and Adam Zhu, Jincheng Tongda & Neal

India and China: a comparison of trademark law

Trademark law comparison: India versus China

Trademark protection in China may not be what you think

By Frank Liu and Adam Zhu, Jincheng Tongda & Neal



HK protest protection

What employers need to cover during the city’s prolonged period of protests and unrest


The gameplan

China deploys reforms to buoy its economy

Singapore’s top 100 lawyers 2019

Asia Business Law Journal reveals the top 100 lawyers practising in Singapore

greater bay area

Bay watch

How will China's greater bay project work for lawyers?


Outbound hard ground

Geopolitical risks impact Chinese investment


Innovative play in the sandbox

Insurance regulators need to adopt a flexible approach to startups