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The International A-List 2020

The analysis that follows provides highlights of the International A-List, including endorsements of many of the recognized lawyers by those who nominated them

Leaders of the pack

Which are the top foreign firms for India-related work?

The International A-List 2019

World's top 100 India-focused legal experts revealed

Rising to the occasion

Up close with IndiGo General Counsel Priya Mehra


TM infringement risks associated with ‘cross-border wave’

By Wang Yaxi and Xing Keke, Yuanhe Partners
trademark infringement

Does OEM use constitute trademark infringement?

By Lian Chenghe and Xing Keke, Yuanhe Partners
arbitral award

How foreign awards are enforced in India

By Simranjeet Singh and Rohan Ahuja, Athena Legal



Indian Law Firm Awards, 2020

In this difficult and dynamic environment, India Business Law Journal’s editorial team was once again tasked with selecting the winners of the Indian Law Firm Awards


Remote controls

PRC labour issues that employers need to be across during the COVID-19 crisis

general counsel

Three big views

Top-tier general counsel from three industries talk about emerging trends


Home & safe?

With COVID-19 forcing companies to implement work-from-home policies, Jim Fitzsimmons helps us understand the cybersecurity risks posed by a remote workforce

Shining a light on unsafe practices

Inadequate enforcement of Indian standards has encouraged spurious manufacturers to put unsafe products on the market


Pandemics unforeseen

How will the courts respond to an anticipated deluge of disputes relating to frustration of contracts in a post-COVID-19 world?