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New insight into disputes over Sino-foreign JVs

By Jenny Wang and Ma Lisha,Merits & Tree Law Offices

Minefields in patent due diligence for high-tech financing

By Tang Huadong and Zhong Yueping, Merits & Tree Law Offices

Misunderstandings about vertical monopoly agreements

By Ye Han, Merits & Tree Law Offices

Tips on VIE liquidation practices

By Ji Fei, Merits & Tree Law Offices

Abnormal LP-related risks in practice

By Zhao Liang, Merits & Tree Law Offices

Enforcement of bankruptcy adjudication by a Taiwan court

By Pang Tao, Merits & Tree Law Offices

Is a VAM debt a community debt?

By Zhao Yiping, Merits & Tree Law Offices


Shanghai's tech exchange board to rival NASDAQ

Redemption obligation in equity investment deals

By Ren Shanshan, Merits & Tree Law Offices

2019 begins China’s era of compliance

China's Year of the Pig is ringing in a new 'Era of Compliance'

New year, more compliance

Existing challenges and new regulations in the Year of the Pig

Creditors’ committees of banking institutions

By William Zhang, Zhao Jiajia, Merits & Tree Law Offices

Legal due diligence on family trusts

By Ouyang Fangfei, Merits & Tree Law Offices

P2P platforms: Status quo and issues

By Zhang Wenliang and Yuan Haibo, Merits & Tree Law Offices

Access to funds for finance lease companies

By Liu Zunsi, Merits & Tree Law Offices

Levelling up

It’s a critical moment for China to further open up


ipr protection

Cost control of IPR protection

By Frank Liu, Tiantai Law Firm

The minutes: Security issues affecting financial institutions

By Yang Guang and Wang Qing, Lantai Partners

Controlling legal risks in trademark transfers

By Shan Xunping, Dentons



The International A-List 2020

India Business Law Journal reveals the top India experts at foreign law firms


A new dawn

Waking up to the legal challenges posed by the pandemic

senior executives

C-suite sanction

Preparing your executives for doing time in Asia


Bridges not barriers

Was walking away from RCEP negotiations a mistake?


Out of harmony

More disputes on the cards for music labels, broadcasters?


COVID-19: What’s your plan?

The legal challenges posed by working in the shadow of an outbreak