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Pilot project for cross-border transfer of claims on QEX

By Hu Yi, Zhong Lun Law Firm
The term “cross-border transfer of claims” means that a creditor in China transfers claims that it lawfully holds (the subject claims) to an offshore investor, and the foreign investor replaces the existing domestic creditor to become the new creditor. There are, in practice, two relatively successful means of effecting cross-border...

Sending funds abroad: an indirect approach

By Rao Xiaomin and Zhou Jun, Zhong Lun Law Firm
Against a background where exchange policy relating to cross-border investment has tightened, a Shenzhen investment company (company A) proposed to invest US$6 million in a US company (company B), and executed an investment agreement in December 2016. Company A was established in December 2015 with registered capital of RMB5...

Out-of-the-box approach to winning lawsuits

By Rao Xiaomin and Hu Yongshuai, Zhong Lun Law Firm
Under the final ruling made by the Guangdong Provincial High People’s Court on the dispute between a bank and company A, and some other legal persons and natural persons over loan and guarantee contracts, the principal debtor A is ordered to repay the bank the principal of RMB130 million plus...

Are bankruptcy cases about to rise significantly?

By Xu Shengfeng and Li Chengwen, Zhong Lun Law Firm
T he Supreme People’s Court on 6 February 2017 promulgated the Guiding Opinions on Several Issues concerning Enforcement Cases Referred for Bankruptcy Examination. This is a new initiative of the Supreme People’s Court to address “difficulties in enforcement”, and may also contribute to the application of the Enterprise Bankruptcy...

Guidelines for foreign investment in Qianhai

By Jack Lai and Tina Lan, Zhong Lun Law Firm
The Qianhai Shenzhen-Hong Kong Modern Service Industry Co-operation Zone has implemented more favourable pioneering and pilot projects than special economic zones, including: (1) launching a pilot project for cross-border renminbi loans and supporting enterprises in Qianhai borrowing renminbi at low cost from Hong Kong banks, with the loan term...