Why won’t more law firms reveal their fees?


Dear Madam,

Congratulations on your latest survey of law firm billing rates (IBLJ volume 3, issue 4). Your continued efforts to publish such reports certainly help in bringing more transparency to law firm billing practices in India.

Of course, clients do not choose a law firm based solely on billing rates. But other things being equal, billing rates are certainly one of the important variables considered in the decision-making process, especially given the current pressure to keep costs under control.

The non-availability of reliable data on law firm billing rates had been one of the handicaps faced by clients in making an objective study of the billing rates of different law firms. Your survey certainly helps in filling that gap.

However, considering the large number of law firms operating in India and the much smaller number of firms that participated in your survey, it seems that the survey has not evoked a response from a large number of law firms in the country. Given the laudable objective of the survey, I wonder why the survey has not evoked greater response from Indian law firms.

Premnath Rai
Managing Partner
PRA Law Offices
New Delhi